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  • Low startup
  • High Margins
  • Professional Website
  • E-Commerce Enabled
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  • 100's of Features
  • Over 99% approval
  • No credit turndowns

SINCE 1989

E-Commerce Exchange is a nationwide credit card processing company with over 18 years experience in providing websites as well as credit card, ATM, and electronic check transaction solutions for entrepreneurs on the Internet, home-based businesses, phone order and mail order industries. We offer merchants the ability to start a home-based business from the comforts of your own home. Since 1989 we have grown from a home-based business with two employees to over 150 employees and representatives in 17 offices nationwide.


  • E-Commerce provides you with ALL the critical elements of an e-commerce solution:
    1. Website and Hosting
    2. Products and Dropping relationship
    3. Merchant account and Payment processing software
    4. Marketing Tools and Free Support!
  • Ground-breaking application approval rate of more than 99% compared to 60% to 70% for most other companies.
We are looking forward to making you a profitable member of our team.  Please feel free to contact us anytime at 1-800-639-6644 or info@ecxweb.com if we can be of any help at anytime.

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